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Aggressive Face-offs: How to Win Every Draw DVDs

Aggressive Face-offs: How to Win Every Draw DVDs
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with Tim McDermott,
University of Virginia Assistant Coach; 2x Division III All-American midfielder at Geneseo; Led NCAA in face-off percentage in 2006
Introduction by Dom Starsia,
former University of Virginia Head Coach, 4x NCAA Championship Coach; 3x National Coach of the Year

Ready to be the kind of aggressive, confident FOGO that college teams want at the center X?

Using on-field demonstrations and a series of insightful game clips, Virginia assistant Tim McDermott dissects the face-off game for players and coaches ready for intermediate to advanced techniques.

From approaching the ball and choosing your stance and grip, McDermott transitions to the messy reality of the contested draw. He covers all of the major face-off moves. Each is broken down into smaller moves with drills, coaching points and key routines, including:

1.driving into the ball with the force necessary to draw it out for a potential fast break
2.winning a clamp stalemate by maneuvering your stick under your opponent's or, alternatively, by transitioning into a jam move to drive your opponent off the ball
3.where and how to apply force to an opponent's stick, hands and body to gain an advantage
4.winning all-important body position over the ball to deny your opponent vision and leverage, potentially even taking away a face-off after you've lost the initial clamp
5.when and how to use the jam, rake or laser rake as counter moves when you're being beat

Coach McDermott gives a detailed and varied presentation that uses live demonstrations and examples of game situations and counter moves. In addition to the specifics at the X, the DVD also covers what to do when the ball is won. By describing each move in detail, you get fantastic insight into the small adjustments that can make big differences.

Learn how the Cavaliers train their face-off specialists using drills that both hone technique and inculcate the rugged, competitive spirit face-off players need to dig out contested ground balls under a hail of checks. Drill instruction includes:

1.Pre-practice warm-ups that double as conditioning drills building hand speed and lower body strength
2.Virginia's form-building clamp warm-up sequence to train muscle memory for perfect execution of the foundational face-off move
3.Three challenging drills to simulate the unpredictable situations that often develop during a face-off and reward the players tough enough to adapt, plus a fast-moving "face-off line drill"
4Before- and after-whistle play for the oft-neglected wingmen, and how FOGOs can make the best use of those essential teammates.

Coach McDermott closes his presentation by reviewing game film of live face-offs - each broken down into plenty of detail and constant feedback from Coach McDermott on works and what doesn't.

You were born to win every draw! Stop settling for 50-50 and go Beast Mode at the center X with the help of this All-American face-off specialist.