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Algebra I - Free Shipping

Algebra I - Free Shipping
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Algebra I is one of the most critical courses that students take in high school and the gateway to higher education. Students who do well in algebra are better prepared for college entrance exams and for college in general. But it can be challenging for some students (and their parents). With 36 half-hour lessons, this course was developed to teach students and parents the concepts and procedures of first-year algebra in an easily accessible way. Indeed, anyone wanting to learn algebra from the beginning or needing a thorough review will find this course an ideal tutor. Professor James Sellers, an award-winning educator at The Pennsylvania State University, takes the fear out of learning algebra by approaching it with a friendly and reassuring spirit. Most students won't have a teacher as unhurried and as attentive to detail as Dr. Sellers, who explains everything clearly and, whenever possible, in more than one way so that the most important concepts sink in. After taking this course, students will be familiar with the terminology and symbolic nature of first-year algebra and will understand how to represent various types of functions (linear, quadratic, rational, and radical) using algebraic rules, tables of data, and graphs. They will also become acquainted with the types of problems that can be solved using such functions, with a particular eye toward solving various types of equations and inequalities. Algebra is loved, not feared, by students of Dr. Sellers