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Mike Sigel 6 DVD Pool Set - Free Shipping

Mike Sigel 6 DVD Pool Set - Free Shipping
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Mike Sigel's 3-DVD Perfect Pool Instructional Series - This is the highest quality instructional DVD series ever produced! They are a brand new set of videos just filmed in the summer of '05. This is simply the best and most complete pool instructional series ever made. Your game will dramatically improve within one hour of watching these DVDs. This will blow you away! Easy-to-learn playing secrets from the pool master himself! DVDs include: Mastering the Stroke, Mastering the Shots, Mastering the Game
Mike Sigel's How to make Trick Shots DVD - 10 time world champion Mike Sigel, voted the world's greatest living pool player, teaches you the secrets of making trick shots in this one-of-a-kind instructional DVD! Amaze your friends and astound your opponents with these easy-to-learn shots!
The King of the Hill Invitational 8-Ball Shootout Mike Sigel vs. Efren Reyes DVD -
The Complete History-Making Final Match! It was a match made in pool heaven! Mike “The Mouth” Sigel versus Efren “The Magician” Reyes. Two Hall of Famers. Two Legends. Playing each other on pool’s most dramatic stage—for the richest prize money the sport has ever known!

Watch the entire event that “Sports Illustrated” called the “Best Pressure Performance of 2005”! This DVD shows you every shot and each stirring moment of the “IPT King of the Hill” final match between Sigel and Reyes. Now you can experience the excitement, glamour and action of the “Thrilla in Florida!”!

The match between these two “Sultans of Stroke” promised to be the most heart-pounding, impactful pool event ever—and it lived up to the hype! Said Kevin Trudeau, Founder of the IPT: “Half the people in the world think Mike Sigel is the greatest player ever. The other half think Efren Reyes is. This is truly a match for the ages. Pool has never seen anything like it!”
IPT 8-Ball Championship Mike Sigel vs Loree Jon Jones Billiard DVD -
The complete history-making match!

Man against woman. This was the biggest event in pool history-featuring the single largest pay-day in the history of the game-a whopping $150,000 to the winner!

This 3 hour plus collector's edition DVD features the complete match between pool legend Mike"The Mouth" Sigel and "The Queen of the Hill" Loree Jon Jones. This historic match showcases the enormous skills of both players amidts the high-stakes pressure of the SRO and celebrity-filled crowd.

The historic "battle of the sexes" match between Mike Sigel and Loree Jon James is captured in all its intensity, with behind the scenes footage and player and celebrity interviews.
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