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Stick Handling & Shooting Drills for Youth Lacrosse DVDs

Stick Handling & Shooting Drills for Youth Lacrosse DVDs
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with Kenneth "Bear" Davis, Ohio Machine (MLL) Head Coach;
former Archbishop (MD) Spalding Head Boys Lacrosse Coach; former Robert Morris Head Coach, led the nation in scoring in back-to-back seasons (2010-11); former assistant coach for the Czech Republic Men's National Lacrosse Team, where he helped coach the team in the 2002 Prague Cup as well as the 2002 ILF World Games in Australia
In this instructional DVD especially for beginning players and coaches, Bear Davis covers the basics of lacrosse skills. His presentation is particularly useful for player, coaches and parents with little or no previous lacrosse experience.

Using simple cues, Coach Davis shares an easy, reproducible way to teach lacrosse basics. He demonstrates:

1.shooting and stick handling mechanics
2.basic catching and dodging techniques
3.correct face-off technique
4.All of the instruction is broken down into its most basic components. For example, by isolating the individual components of shooting, Coach Davis shows an almost mistake-proof method for teaching shooters the upper body mechanics of the shooting/passing move like isolating the mechanics for the upper hand and lower hand in passing or shooting the ball both lefty and righty. This easy-to-follow approach carries throughout the DVD; suggestions for increasing the challenge of the drill as players get more skilled are also included.

Coach Davis' detailed explanation and constant attention to detail ensures that both player and coach will benefit greatly from this instructional DVD.