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15 Drills for Building a Successful Shooting Program DVDs

15 Drills for Building a Successful Shooting Program DVDs
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with John Danowski, Duke University Head Coach;
3x NCAA Champions, including back-to-back seasons (2013-14); 2x NCAA Men's Lacrosse Coach of the Year;
and Ron Caputo, Duke University Assistant Coach

In this dynamic presentation, Ron Caputo tells you how Duke' lacrosse squad is able to advance past the fundamental pillars of shooting and progress into mobility shooting and shooting on the run. Coach Caputo shares 15 step-by-step progressive shooting drills designed to isolate the key, individual movements needed to become a successful shooter. Each drill isolates one or two critical concepts that will improve a shooter's accuracy, velocity and quickness when releasing the ball. The simplicity of each drill allows the player and coach to effectively evaluate the shooter's effort so that corrections are easily implemented.

Coach Caputo initiates the shooting drills by teaching players how to receive a pass. The faster you can get the ball out of your stick, the less time the defense has to adjust to your shooting. Concentrating on receiving the ball in "the loaded position" more easily engages your core muscles. Also, receiving the ball in "the loaded position" allows for a faster release. Coach Caputo takes players through a Weight Exchange Drill to transfer power to the shot, and follows that with a series of drills to create accuracy and power.

The next set of drills focuses on movement and correct body positioning. Players learn how to concentrate on footwork when receiving the ball and shooting on goal. Catching the ball in the correct position and shooting the ball with your feet and body correctly orientated to the goal helps players find "room and time" to be successful shooters.

Mobility shooting begins with an emphasis on engaging the shooter's core muscles. In the first mobility drills, the shooter starts by taking only two steps before shooting. After a series of individual movements that emphasize engaging your core for greater velocity, the drills progress to training players how to accept the ball, split to change direction, load and drive the ball with power low and away. Working from three yards out, Coach Caputo takes players through a shooting drill over one goal into another to develop extension on the player's shots while emphasizing shooting down low.

Coach Caputo builds his drills to increase the success of the attack man and shows how to finish with two strong inside cutting strategies. He shows the correct position to accept the ball on the cut, create torque with your shoulders and finish with a quick shot using the top hand to "hammer the nail." Coach Caputo shows what to do when covered while cutting, showing how to backside dive to create another scoring opportunity.

Scoring while on the run is one of the hardest offensive concepts in lacrosse. This presentation delivers an easy-to-follow drill progression that will improve the shooter's ability to shoot while on the run. Players of any experience level will benefit from these strategies. Coaches will be able to dramatically improve their ability to help their players become more effective shooters.