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Innovative Wall Ball Drills for Goalies DVDs

Innovative Wall Ball Drills for Goalies DVDs
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with Errol Wilson,
Lehigh University Assistant Coach/Defensive Coordinator and Goalie Coordinator
introduction by Kevin Cassese, Lehigh University Head Coach

Errol Wilson has developed modern indoor drills and stepping/stick techniques to help deal with today's powerful shooters. Beginning with holding the stick while maintaining a strong, purposeful stance, he presents a comprehensive methodology for building and improving goalie techniques. Structured to maximize timing and movement, Coach Wilson's instruction concentrates on the goalie's stance and footwork in order to achieve the greatest possible efficiency of movement.

This instructional DVD is presented on an indoor racquetball court. However, all of the techniques shown are easily replicated outdoors on the lacrosse field, in a gym or any place that lacrosse players can play wall ball, giving coaches a way to train their goalies despite weather or field availability. In addition, goalies can perform many of these drills solo for extra practice.

Focusing initially on the goalie stance, foot and body position are related to the manner with which the stick is held to maximize the goalie's efficiency of movement. From this stance and stick positioning, the greatest efficiency is achieved to effectively cover the seven major shot placements that the goalie must consistently defend. Each of the seven positions is discussed in detail with an emphasis on efficiency of movement. Coach Wilson covers the pros and cons of each movement and stick position. Adding precision footwork into each movement in the net, Coach Wilson demonstrates how to correctly step into each shot. By stepping into the shot the goalie increases his speed to the ball and is able to effectively place his body between the ball and the net increasing the surface area available to stop each shot.

Drawing from all of the newly learned techniques, the goalie warm up is designed to carefully reinforce these movements to build muscle memory and increased efficiency. Warm ups are done with an emphasis on the shooter's shot placement. This enables the goalie to focus on consistently making the exact movements that have been designed for the greatest efficiency, which, in turn, builds a faster, more confident goalie.

By playing wall ball a goalie can efficiently do a self-warm up or warm up with a coach watching and critiquing. While banging the ball off the walls, the goalie can concentrate on working areas that need improvement, attacking a corner ball, stepping out to meet the ball with a gather step and quarter turn.

Coach Wilson then moves to explosive, strength-building drills that start with the goalie out of his normal stance. For example, he starts the goalie in a low squat then shoots high, forcing the goalie to explode upward to make the save.

Lastly, he drills the goalie's reaction time by having him face away then turn and find the shot. A "top hand only" segment trains the goalie to correctly attack the ball. Coach Wilson finishes with a great drill called "goalie war" that pits the goalies against each other to make saves, building the competitive spirit so essential to the position. Every drill in this presentation is demonstrated and explained in detail so even a beginner can instantly apply the techniques.

Coach Wilson gives a detailed template that defines the key foundational needs upon which to create a proficient and skilled goalie. The drills and techniques shown can be implemented at any level. Even the most experienced goalie could apply Coach Wilson's philosophy to help them improve.
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