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Basic & Advanced Man Down Defense DVDs

Basic & Advanced Man Down Defense DVDs
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Enable your players to defend various man up offensive sets and situations
1.Learn defensive schemes and techniques that will force opponents into situations they aren't prepared to handle
2.Improve communication by using language that reinforces the responsibilities of the individual defender
3.Get drills to develop the essential skills needed to play effective man down defense

with Lars Tiffany,
University of Virginia Head Coach;
former Brown University Head Men's Lacrosse Coach; 2016 NCAA DI Final Four;
3x Ivy League Champions; 2015 Ivy League Coach of the Year
The foundational element of the man down defense is the ability to consistently identify each defender's responsibility within the team defense concept. In order to accomplish this, great communication is essential.

Lars Tiffany presents a step-by-step development of the fundamentals of man down defense, and working off his best selling video Man Down Defense: A Catalog of Drills, shows more implementation of man down defense against different man up or extra man formations and sets. He breaks down the video into different phases: basic principles, advanced principles, communication, skeleton schemes, live action and personnel.

Basic Principles:

Player responsibilities in the man down defense are determined by their proximity to the ball. Coach Tiffany covers three types of defenders. The on-ball defender is the center from which the defensive schemes are built, while the two adjacent defenders are one pass away from the ball carrier.

Situational Responsibilities:

Building on the individual defender's responsibility, Coach Tiffany reviews situational responsibilities that the defense will see from a typical offense. Picks, seals, roll-offs and changing offensive formations are reviewed using the white board and on-field action to reinforce defensive responsibilities.

Additionally, you'll get tips on how to handle covering the ball and ball carrier as they move through the defensive zone. These techniques will greatly improve your team's ability implement the man down defense.

Defending Different Schemes:

Coach Tiffany shows how to defend against various sets such as 1-3-2, 3-3, 1-4-1, and shifting sets, using both 5- and 4-man schemes. He also runs through special situations, such as locking the crease or shooters. All tactics are diagrammed on a white board before moving to the practice field.


Coach Tiffany shares drills that focus on developing the man down defender. These drills will help build the skills needed to guard two players from approaching the net while also being able to shut down passing lanes and knock down passes.

The skills and communication development in this video will greatly improve all aspects of your individual and team man down defens
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