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Baseball 3 Download Set
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Baseball Tips and Techniques This informative download covers the essential fundamentals a baseball player needs to compete successfully. Coach Tom Waddell teaches players key techniques and provides a wide variety of unique drills for practicing and mastering baseball skills. Among the topics covered are: hitting, throwing, pitching, infield and outfield. Each area of the game is taught in a progressive manner that will maximize practice time and player improvement. The techniques in this program have been instrumental in helping to create successful players at all levels! 75 minutes.

About the Coach Tom Waddell has been actively involved in the game of baseball for over 40 years. He is a former Major League Baseball pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. In 1984, he set the Indian's rookie record for appearances with 56. During his career, Tom had the opportunity to work with Hank Aaron, Johnny Sain, Luke Appling, Bobby Bonds, Bob Feller and Leo Mazzone. After several years in the major and minor leagues, he retired in after the 1989 season. Tom started to teach baseball in 1987 and has coached thousands of players during the past 23 years. He opened the Yard East Baseball School in 1995 in Tucson, Arizona.

Pitching Skills, Drills and Practice Routines Coach Justin Blood has used his years of pitching experience to fine tune a program that can help pitchers reach their full potential. In this comprehensive download, Coach Blood will demonstrate the implementation of a daily routine that will help to build a successful pitching staff and reduce the chance of injuries. Among the topics covered are: fastball command, the throwing program, drills, flat ground work, pitcher's fielding practice, thera-band and small weights, conditioning, bullpen routine and additional pitching tips. This program is a must-have for every pitching coach and pitcher. 99 minutes.

About the Coach: Justin Blood is the head baseball coach of the University of Hartford Hawks. He comes to Hartford by way of the University of Connecticut, where he served as the Huskies’ pitching coach and recruiting coordinator. In his six seasons with Connecticut, Coach Blood had 14 different pitchers drafted in the Major League Baseball draft. A pitcher himself, Justin Blood was drafted by the Seattle Mariners in 2001 and excelled in the minor leagues before retiring to pursue coaching on the collegiate level.

Play Better Baseball This 70-minute program features instruction by former University of Arizona Head Coach Jerry Stitt. The download provides progressive step-by-step instruction of throwing, fielding and hitting fundamentals. Part 1 covers gripping the baseball, throwing progressions, and proper technique and footwork . It includes some movement and throwing drills which will help players to master this often neglected part of the game. It is essential to teach players how to deliver the ball to their target accurately and consistently. Part 2 covers fielding fundamentals and drills for both infielders and outfielders. The players learn glove mechanics, body positioning, footwork, how to turn the double play, communicating with teammates, and more! Practicing these fielding concepts and drills will help players to dramatically reduce the number of fielding errors. Part 3 covers essential hitting mechanics and drills. Coach Stitt provides a detailed explanation and demonstration of the elements of a good swing. Learn the four things that all great hitters have in common. You will also learn how to put the ball in play and avoid common errors. Coach Stitt provides progressive drills to work on in the batting cages. He also presents some hitting drills that can be used on the playing field to provide players with numerous repetitions and keep everyone involved. This comprehensive program will help coaches and players to establish the proper foundation necessary to be successful in baseball at any level. 70 min.

About the Coach: Jerry Stitt coached for 23 years at the University of Arizona, 18 as an assistant and 5 as the head coach. He helped lead the Wildcats to three Conference Championships and two National Championships. Coach Stitt conducts clinics throughout the world and is the director of the Baja Arizona Baseball Academy.

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