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Physical Education Games - Vol. 2 DVD or Download - Free Shipping

Physical Education Games - Vol. 2 DVD or Download - Free Shipping
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Would you like to add some creative new ideas to your physical education program? This DVD, featuring Don Puckett, is an ideal resource for implementing several new fun-packed games and activities into your classes. The games and activities included are: Hook Up, Rock, Paper Scissors Challenge, Cone Tip, Cone Tip Softball, Quarterback Rescue, Ultimate Handball, Bowl, Shoot or Pass, Scoot and Shoot, Capture the Pin Soccer, Partner Tag, Smart Dice and Winner's Court. The DVD contains a pdf file to allow teachers to print out descriptions and rules of the games. These games maximize participation and cooperation and can be easily be modified and incorporated into any physical education program.

About the Coach: Don Puckett is a master teacher with over 38 years experience in education. He has been a teacher, coach, athletic director and assistant principal. Don also worked for 25 years as a camp counselor for special needs children. He has received several Awards of Excellence at the local, state and national levels. Don has served as a consultant for teachers, administrators, camp counselors and recreational directors for the past 30 years. He has been a presenter at state and national functions, seminars and conferences in 42 different states.

If you order the download, a Dropbox or Google Drive link will be sent to your e-mail address. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive the link.

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